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Calling All Fans - So Weird Needs Your Support

Fellow So Weird Fans  - 

I have come into the knowledge that the Disney Channel has canceled So Weird.  This means there will be NO more new episodes. So Weird Needs your support.  "What can we do?" you ask?  What you can do send something to The Disney Channel that is related to the show or the paranormal such as maybe a guitar pick, a silver thumb ring made of tin foil, print out your favorite picture of So Weird, Print out your website, Print out a paranormal article and so forth. Send these items with a letter to So Weird, and all the cast members.  Also, when you send in your items include in the letter that you will cancel your subscription to the Disney Channel. The channel is supported by the money you pay each month for subscription.  The only way to effectively get their attention is to threaten to unsubscribe.  

We need ALL fans to participate in order to get their attention.  There is power in numbers and we need high numbers of people sending in mail and email to Disney.  We must flood their offices and in box and fast. If you are a younger fan, please get your parents help. Also please get your friends and family to join in the support.  When the WB's Roswell was going to be canceled the fans sent in bottles of Tabasco Sauce which helped to save the show. So we need volumes, and do what ever you can to get their attention.  

I will include the link to where you can email and the address to send the letters. 

Please click on the link to send email.  Email Disney .  Please send as much email as you can. Even if it's the same email over and over. We want to flood their system, and get their attention.  

Send snail mail to each cast member and to The Disney Channel:

Erik von Detten
Patrick Levis
Mackenzie Phillips
Alexz Johnson
Dave Squatch Ward
Belinda Metz
c/o The Disney Channel
3800 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505

When sending mail directly to The Disney Channel please send mail addressed as follows

The Disney Channel
3800 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505


Please send as many letters as possible. Please get your family and friends to join in.  

If you have any questions, please email me.


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